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First Argentina, Now Russia: China Rescues Drowning Currencies

China appears to be taking the task of acceding to hegemonic, or at least semi-hegemonic, economic status quite seriously. In July 2014, Argentina reached an agreement with China to request up to US $11 billion in Chinese yuan, swapped for … Continue reading

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The Sting of Betrayal: George Soros and Cristina Kirchner

You know that soul-shattering moment when reality hits? Your stomach drops to the floor and everything goes numb. Time seems to slow down for a few painful, aching moments while your brain struggles to absorb the fact that he’s secretly … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Bubble

Hello Readers You may be wondering why I’ve apparently gone media-silent for such a long time.  Well, the reality is that I have kept busy being media noisy and launched a full-blown news site with my number one partner in … Continue reading

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At special request from my father to “write a notparis about the Pope”, I have written a semi-obligatory “New Argentine Pope” article.  So here is a self-confessed non-political scientist’s assessment of who exactly Pope Francis  (née Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is … Continue reading

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Lipstick and Currency Bruises

A few friends returned yesterday from a Uruguayan beach expedition, bringing home confusion surrounding US dollar (USD), the Argentine peso (ARS) vs. the Uruguayan peso (UYU).  Unraveling their tale, I realized this is a story everyone should mull over to … Continue reading

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Argentina’s Railroads: Atlas Shrugged vs. Twilight

I was on the bus on my way home last night when I passed this sign at the rail station: Roughly translated, this means fight for the return of the Argentine Railway System and is an argument for the re-nationalization … Continue reading

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On Vultures, Bonds, and Defaults

So – now that the dust has for the time being settled from the November/December 2012 drama surrounding the US Court ruling(s) regarding Argentina’s payment on defaulted bonds, I wanted to take a comprehensive look at the issue so that … Continue reading

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A Class Act.

Yesterday, November 20, 2012, was the highly anticipated #20N nationwide strike organized by ­the labor unions.  #20N came hot on the heels of last week’s #8N, an anti-government cacerolazo organized to protest the Kirchner government’s dollar crackdowns, corruption, and rising insecurity.  … Continue reading

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Credit where credit’s due

Sometimes I have to hand it to the Argentine government – their systematic clampdown on the movement of goods and capital across their borders is creeping along just enough to make international headlines about once a week without incurring any … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons, cry to the WTO

Starting last week, the US, Japan, and Mexico followed the EU’s lead and filed complaints at the WTO against Argentina’s import restrictions.  Argentina promptly responded with its own complaint – against the US for blocking imports of beef and lemons. … Continue reading

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