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First Argentina, Now Russia: China Rescues Drowning Currencies

China appears to be taking the task of acceding to hegemonic, or at least semi-hegemonic, economic status quite seriously. In July 2014, Argentina reached an agreement with China to request up to US $11 billion in Chinese yuan, swapped for … Continue reading

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The Sting of Betrayal: George Soros and Cristina Kirchner

You know that soul-shattering moment when reality hits? Your stomach drops to the floor and everything goes numb. Time seems to slow down for a few painful, aching moments while your brain struggles to absorb the fact that he’s secretly … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Bubble

Hello Readers You may be wondering why I’ve apparently gone media-silent for such a long time.  Well, the reality is that I have kept busy being media noisy and launched a full-blown news site with my number one partner in … Continue reading

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At special request from my father to “write a notparis about the Pope”, I have written a semi-obligatory “New Argentine Pope” article.  So here is a self-confessed non-political scientist’s assessment of who exactly Pope Francis  (née Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is … Continue reading

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Lipstick and Currency Bruises

A few friends returned yesterday from a Uruguayan beach expedition, bringing home confusion surrounding US dollar (USD), the Argentine peso (ARS) vs. the Uruguayan peso (UYU).  Unraveling their tale, I realized this is a story everyone should mull over to … Continue reading

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Argentina’s Railroads: Atlas Shrugged vs. Twilight

I was on the bus on my way home last night when I passed this sign at the rail station: Roughly translated, this means fight for the return of the Argentine Railway System and is an argument for the re-nationalization … Continue reading

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On Vultures, Bonds, and Defaults

So – now that the dust has for the time being settled from the November/December 2012 drama surrounding the US Court ruling(s) regarding Argentina’s payment on defaulted bonds, I wanted to take a comprehensive look at the issue so that … Continue reading

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