Welcome to The Bubble

Hello Readers

You may be wondering why I’ve apparently gone media-silent for such a long time.  Well, the reality is that I have kept busy being media noisy and launched a full-blown news site with my number one partner in crime Adrian Bono.

Yup.  Its happening.

Yup. Its happening.





So dear readers, please visit http://www.bubblear.com for your daily fix of Argentine news, lovingly dipped in snark and delivered with a dab of sarcasm.

For Bianca, please visit my column Not Paris on the bubble at http://bubblear.com/category/features/not-paris/

And to read a completely true biography on me, please check out http://bubblear.com/staff/ 

and click on your’s truly, Bianca Fernet.

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1 Response to Welcome to The Bubble

  1. Bill says:

    Did you see Steve Hanke’s latest at CATO?


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