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When life gives you lemons, cry to the WTO

Starting last week, the US, Japan, and Mexico followed the EU’s lead and filed complaints at the WTO against Argentina’s import restrictions.  Argentina promptly responded with its own complaint – against the US for blocking imports of beef and lemons. … Continue reading

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Emotional Baggage and Lingering Freudianism

Over the past few days about 6 people have emailed me this New York Times article: Do Argentine’s Need Therapy?  Pull Up a Couch. While outside the typical “economics with a twist” scope of this blog, I wanted to address … Continue reading

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Creeping Control – AFIP’s Uruguayan Vacation

One of the reasons that I love living in Buenos Aires is that it is quite literally like living in an economics textbook.  You have a very decent example of a trilemma – a central bank attempting to hold a … Continue reading

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Ever wondered what a week without the subway looks like?

Today, Friday August 10, marks day seven of the longest subway strike in Argentina’s history.  The complete shutdown of the Subte, Buenos Aires’s underground transit system, began Friday night and as I write, the end is still not in sight. … Continue reading

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The winter weather’s not the only thing chilling the bones of Argentina’s residents –  Since the last week of July, a new set of words have been showing up in the articles about the economy.  Shrinks.  Slows.  Stagflation.  These chilling … Continue reading

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